About us

An open source platform for everyone, that is the innovative idea.

Behind every good project there is a strong team: We got together in 2019 to make our idea of an open source platform a reality. With the exigencies of the global pandemic in early 2020, we were encouraged to find an alternative to centralized proprietary software solutions in foreign jurisdictions and isolated open source vendors. A challenge that we as a company were happy to take on:

With grommunio it no longer matters how many communication channels you use. The inefficiency of context switches in your team’s communication is a thing of the past with grommunio. At the same time, grommunio creates a high level of privacy and security for one of your most valuable goods: your data.

Decide for yourself where your data is stored – on your computer or off-site.

grommunio has committed itself to the following corporate principles

The most progressive solution in the area of communication and collaboration: grommunio, as an open source alternative, offers a platform for EVERYONE!


Customer orientation

With easy-to-use technology to your success: We have developed grommunio for you to optimize your performance.


grommunio keeps your technical effort as low as possible – and stands out from a multitude of complex technologies.


A robust component architecture and the highest standards of development quality ensure that our codes will last.


Nobody is perfect – certainly we are not. We have made it our goal to improve with each passing day.


Your most valuable asset in the digital age: your data. grommunio helps you to protect your data. By making our platform completely open source, independent IT professionals are available to assist you.


grommunio was developed to make your digital life easier. You can expect fast, straightforward help – with no strings attached.


Let’s go on a journey through the digital universe together – you can trust us as professionals, we are always there to support you.

The management team

Norbert Lambing – CEO

Norbert is the CEO as well as the founder of the company, and with a career in sports at the Olympic level, he knows exactly what skills it takes to succeed in a competitive world. Having won numerous championships and trophies, he has proven that he can shape teams – and tease out the strengths of each individual in the process.

He doesn’t admit it, but he’s our personal version of the non-migrant Styrian oak – only as a Viennese.

Martin Witte – CSO

As CSO, Martin ensures that we can live from our passion for grommunio. Thanks to his many years of experience at C-level in industry and in the support of government agencies and associations, Martin’s two qualities are particularly convincing: efficiency and professionalism.

His credo: Never leave home without a suit!