Edit entries however is most convenient for you. grommunio syncs calendars on all devices simultaneously.
Access your calendar from anywhere

Wherever you go, your calendar is always with you. With the native EAS support, your calendar can also be easily managed with any application of your choice.


Working in a busy environment requires proper knowledge of your colleagues’ availability. With Free-Busy integration, you can make scheduling appointments as easy as possible, even with recommended time slots.

Appointment Invitations

grommunio offers comprehensive support for all invitation-related appointments with tracking, organizer management and more.

Recurring appointments and exceptions

With recurring appointments and exceptions, you can precisely align appointments, with exceptions, partial cancellations, and everything else needed to keep your schedule in line with your work.

Shared calendars / delegations

The use of shared calendars for a more comprehensive insight, as is often necessary due to business requirements, such as supporting delegations, is provided by grommunio out-of-the-box. Delegating rights to other colleagues has never been easier.