With grommunio you send your mails as usual via Outlook, iOS or Android devices, as well as via grommunio Web.
Organize your email at enterprise level

With Microsoft Outlook native protocol compatibility, you can use all the native features you’re accustomed to using with classic backend Microsoft Outlook.

Offline integrated

With full support of Exchange cache mode of profiles, you can continue to work offline and your data will be automatically synchronized once you are back online.

Email on the go

With native support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), you have the protocol you need to have your data available 24/7, whether on a cell phone, tablet, or other Exchange ActiveSync-enabled device.

Public folder support

Sharing public folders, such as public folders with email support, has never been easier. With native support for Public Folders with permissions taken into account, you can share data within your team with anyone you want to share it with.

Categories and flags

With lots of data, it’s critical to keep your data organized – With support for all categories and flags, you have all the tools you need to keep your mailbox organized.

Spam? Ham!

Protect your mailbox with our anti-spam integration so you can focus on what matters most: Real communication. Additionally, with advanced integration interfaces, you can integrate any third-party antivirus or antispam solution.

Webmail for external access

No mobile or your desktop unavailable? Don’t worry, with grommunio web you can access your mailbox anytime and anywhere with a browser.

Access via industry-standard protocol

While you may prefer to use MAPI/HTTP or EAS (Exchange ActiveSync), you may also want to access or integrate with other protocols such as IMAP and POP – We have it all on board.

Your users are not expected to be administrators.

With AutoDiscover integration, all your users need is their email address and password. Gone are the days of users needing to know which server to connect to.

Shared mailboxes and permissions

Grommunio e-mail is not just about personal communication – with shared mailboxes you can manage the mailboxes of teams, and grommunio’s authorization system allows granular management of access to folders and general authorizations for handling the mailbox.

Handling Alias

While primary email addresses dominate our work, the use of aliases often helps with transparent mail delivery, e.g. when changing names or when forwarding emails to another recipient in special cases.

Multiple platform and application support

With support for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution and many more, it’s your free choice which mail client to use. Just imagine: even console-based mail clients just work.

Extremely fast

Since grommunio is extremely efficient and optimized, it provides almost native transmission speed for the synchronization of all information. You can literally watch your GBs of mailboxes sync in real time.

Global Address Lists

With Global Address Lists support, there is no need to build your contacts in your environment. All users with one account are available with all metadata out-of-the-box.