Announcing grommunio appliance 2021.08.2

18. November 2021 | News, Press release

Announcing grommunio appliance 2021.08.2

We are pleased to announce the release of grommunio appliance 2021.08.2 , which will be available via our website from 24 November.

This release includes a variety of improvements and new features as well as an installable version for Debian 11. A list of all new feature highlights can be found below.

Furthermore, appliance 2021.08.2 has received numerous fixes including improvements to chat admin, better robustness, enhancements to speed and interoperability amongst many others.


  • Now installable on Debian 11
  • Support for shared mailboxes without being accounted to license sizing
  • Various Public Folder improvements, from scalability to changes to the ACL management
  • License manager overview in Admin UI
  • Native Out-of-Office Notification integration, available from any supported protocol
  • Support for unordinary MAPI property types, such as SYSTIME and CURRENCY
  • Enhancements to migration tools: Replay ability of IMAP migrations, wide range extensions to supported source datasets, Import to public folders
  • Updates to grommunio Web with enhanced design and updated visual editor
  • Support for repository based installation accompanied by installation documentation and how to
  • Full remote-wipe capability to administrative users (via admin API) and users (via grommunio Web)


  • grommunio-setup now supports grommunio-chat admin with special characters
  • better robustness of cached exchange mode with broken imported datasets (unresolvable named properties)
  • enhancements to speed and interoperability of very large delete operations (50.000+ objects)
  • Improvements to API actions, including cache hook mechanisms after creation/removal of users
  • Support for mailProxyAddresses Active Directory-Aliases with SMTP: prefix
  • Documentation

Here you can find the full Release Notes.
The documentation has been updated accordingly and contains detailed information on the configuration and operation of grommunio appliance 2021.08.2.

Once again, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers and partners for their feedback!

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