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30. March 2021 | News, Press article

c’t Magazine News

The c`t magazine reported on 26 March about grammm – (text in German) text excerpt;
„Wir haben mit den grammm-Entwicklern … gesprochen: Die Kurzfassung ist, dass sie aus pragmatischen Gründen Teile anderer Open-Source-Projekte geforkt haben, um sich auf die inneren Werte ihres Exchange-Ersatzes zu konzentrieren. Den wollen sie “effizient” halten. Sollte sich das Versprechen in der Praxis bestätigen, wäre grammm eine spannende Bereicherung der Open-Source-Welt und ein Schritt zu digitaler Souveränität. Der Wettstreit belebt das Geschäft…“
Author: Peter Siering

Read the full article in the c’t Magazin

Your alternative to Exchange.

grammm is your digital workspace including email, calendar, video conferencing, chat, data sharing and much more, with built-in apps for productive communication and secure collaboration.

grammm is easy to deploy, easy to use, extremely scalable and available for both local installations and hosted environments.

The complete RPC implementation makes it possible: Direct access to grammm without plugins with Microsoft Outlook. Your users don’t notice any difference.
See for yourself: The live demo is publicly available and gives you a first look.

With grammm

  • the security architecture of the Linux platform is available to you for the security of your communication data
  • there are no trap doors. Thanks to complete open source transparency, you can convince yourself of the high security architecture
  • you have simple update management in your hand thanks to repositories

try out grommunio
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