grammm becomes grommunio

22. July 2021 | News, Press release

grammm becomes grommunio

groupware and much, much more for the community: grommunio

grammm in future grommunio, one of the most advanced open source solutions for communication and collaboration offers full digital sovereignty and complete compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and other random clients Whether on premises or in the cloud, with any client, the administrator and user have full control.

Why the name change? The success of grammm not only drew attention to the technology, it caught the attention of larger U.S. enterprises – namely Instagram. In negotiations, the desire arose to rethink the phonetic similarity between “Instagram” and “grammm”. grammm corresponds to this wish and therefore; Grammm becomes grommunio.

grommunio comes from the concepts of groupware and communio, translated from Latin as community.

A groupware for everyone: grommunio.

  • Any client grommunio is a fully Outlook-compatible groupware based on the Linux platform, including support for any other random client.
  • No plugins necessary: Clients connected to grommunio are served natively and transparently by the server, without plugins or auxiliary programs. grommunio for this uses the available, pre-existing native protocols and functions.
  • Digitally sovereign with open standards: grommunio supports a long list of free and open standards. This is the only way to guarantee that not only data is available in a secure, compatible and privacy-compliant manner, but also being capable to be integrated with third-party software. This also applies to the server side: All common Linux platforms are available as operating system.
  • Data protection and compliance: grommunio allows cloud and local installations with demonstrable GDPR conformity and compliance at all times.
  • Scalable: State-of-the-art open-source software provides grommunio with limitless scalability and guarantees the highest security standards.
  • Advanced architecture: The underlying technology makes it possible to integrate grommunio into existing systems with little effort and run it completely with Microsoft Outlook – without installing any additional software or plug-ins.
  • Compatible and secure: grommunio meets all the requirements of modern digital communication and collaboration. It manages the most sensitive data in real time, regardless of the selected operating system and device.

Whatever your choice in devices and operating systems is, grommunio manages even the most sensitive data from emails / contacts / calendars / tasks / chats and video conferences in real time and brings state-of-the-art features such as mobile device management, file synchronization and much more to your business.

The groupware integrates into your existing environment and can be used immediately with the following clients, among others: Microsoft Outlook (from version 2010) / Windows Mail / Outlook / Android / Apple Mail – iOS / Mozilla Thunderbird and many more.

grommunio supports numerous Linux enterprise platforms for server deployment, from Mainframe to Raspberry Pi: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (and derivatives, x86_64, ppc64le, aarch64), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 (x86_64, s390x, ppc64le, aarch64), Debian 10 (x86_64, s390x, ppc64le, aarch64), Ubuntu 20.04 (x86_64, s390x, aarch64)

Next Release in August

In August 2021, the grommunio-release 2021.08.1 brings a new migration tool, an improved user interface for administrators and configuration management, various apps for different platforms and support for even more options when choosing the right distribution for the servers operating system.

On the grommunio-roadmap for February 2022 (version 2022.02) are single sign-on (SSO), full EWS support (Exchange Web Services) and a server-sided Graph API as well as integration of video conferencing (Meet), chat and file synchronization (Files) directly as addons in Outlook.

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