grommunio goes Open Source Collaboration

12. September 2023 | News, Press release

grommunio goes Open Source Collaboration

grommunio, the solution for education and administration.

grommunio is proud to play a significant role in OSC (Open Source Collaboration) and thus in the future vision of Telekom.

“Open Source is the key to digital sovereignty,” explains Deutsche Telekom on the “Open Source Collaboration” project website. Together with grommunio, Nextcloud, Owncloud, Mattermost, Jitsi, Element, Open xChange, Big Blue Button, and Opentalk, they have assembled a diverse, modular, and flexible offering for businesses and administration.

Telekom offers the Open Source product as an integrated solution, allowing customers to order individual modules as well: “During implementation, customers have the choice between their own data center or Telekom platforms like the Open Telekom Cloud,” as stated in today’s press release.

Open Source also offers numerous advantages to authorities and administration, ranging from security and transparency to adaptability and verifiability. Details about the Open Source Collaboration (OSC) can be found here.

In the OSC, grommunio assumes the role of the mail and groupware server. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Android, and Apple clients as a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. A web interface and a complete desktop client cater to all needs.

At the same time, grommunio relies entirely on Open Source, implementing both established Open Source products like Dovecot and Postfix (for mail) and its own high-end Open Source implementations of the protocols and APIs used by Microsoft in Exchange. This allows for easy client integration, seamless user transition, and even the continued operation of specialized applications. Exchange your Exchange – grommunio is the drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange, but it’s Open Source.

In the Open Source Collaboration, grommunio is a given, and as a standalone product, it brings many features that can also be found in other modules within the OSC: video conferences, chat, file synchronization, and much more.

Stay tuned: The Open Source Collaboration and grommunio will be presented on Thursday, September 14th, at the Ministerial Congress and on September 20th and 21st at the Digital X Education Fair.