Open Source Software Community

28. July 2022 | News

Open Source Software Community

It is a great advantage for our partners, customers, admins and of course developers that grommunio is open source software.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank our community for their input and bug reports in various cases.

The email protocol handling has recently been improved. Please note the following minor enhancements for email clients:

Outlook und Webapp user
We have added the „SendAs” feature, which is of great use for those having several email accounts in their Outlook. It allows you to choose the address from which you would like to send an email.
A classic use case would be; you receive an email in your company’s ‘info@…’ inbox that you want to forward to your team from your personal business account.

Thunderbird user
Communicating with the grommunio server via IMAP(S), SMTP, CalDAV and CardDAV has been enhanced – and works even better than before.

We encourage everyone to join our Community discussions and check out progress in our various GitHub-Repositories.
grommunio is and always will stay Open Source Software – with the inclusion in linux distributions and our ongoing effort to become available on any major platform: everyone can run grommunio – become a part of it.

Last but not least, our development teams apply themselves diligently towards a new minor release due in August.
Release 2022.05.2 will come with a lot of Features updates to improve usability in various environments.