Reinforcement for grommunio: Exchange replacement brings in another PR and Linux expert

11. March 2024 | News

Reinforcement for grommunio: Exchange replacement brings in another PR and Linux expert

On March 1, Markus Feilner joined the grommunio team. The IT journalist, trainer and consultant brings in a lot of experience – over the past decade he has worked in various management positions at major open source companies such as SUSE,, Heise and ownCloud.

“We are delighted to have the former deputy editor-in-chief of Heise i’X and Linux-Magazin join grommunio. Markus is a Linux and open source veteran, has been working professionally with Linux in companies of all sizes since 1994, was head of documentation at the largest independent Linux company in the world (SUSE) and joins grommunio as Ambassador Open Source,” explains CEO Norbert Lambing. “This is a great success for us, we also know each other well, we can already look back on several years of successful partnership, which we now want to intensify together.

Reinforcement for grommunio: Markus Feilner
Early March 2024 in Vienna, on the 30th floor of the Donautower: reinforcement for the grommunio team. From left to right: CMO Peter Windhofer, Markus Feilner and grommunio CEO Norbert Lambing.

Feilner is no stranger to the industry: He regularly demonstrates his expertise in IT trends and needs of companies of all sizes in numerous publications, in IT trade journals, shows, international media and lectures, most recently at the FOSDEM developer trade fair in Brussels or in regular articles on In addition to Linux and open source, his focus has always been on internet policy, digital sovereignty and sustainability, as well as IT security, data protection and both management and leadership of modern, creative and open source teams.

For grommunio, Markus will address technical topics for IT administrators, present complicated issues in blogs, articles and on stage and explain the latest technologies in an exciting and understandable way.

“I come to grommunio because I firmly believe that this world will be better if people have a choice. grommunio is the most advanced alternative to proprietary products such as Microsoft Exchange, but in open source, secure and privacy-friendly, free and flexible, efficient and resource-saving, all thanks to free software,” explains Feilner. “Of course, we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants, but that’s exactly what open source is all about. We combine proven technology with new ideas and gladly accept feedback to make our products and all our lives better. And by the way, Europe and everyone who wants it will become even more independent and free. That motivates me.”

Markus Feilner is available via mail at, he usually has accounts with the name mfeilner at Mastodon and he is on LinkedIN. His own website shows his references from 25 years of enterprise open source and can be found here.