Release of the grammm appliance 2021.02.2

17. May 2021 | News, Press release

Release of the grammm appliance 2021.02.2

We are pleased to announce the release of the grammm appliance 2021.02.2. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners for the feedback!
The release of the grammm appliance 2021.02.2 contains not only some bug fixes but also some prioritized features – features that were frequently requested.

New is:

  • grammm-setup supports the setup of a smart host (relay)
  • Postfix now carries out the validity check for target domain names by means of an independent SQL query without the involvement of Gromox ‘“adapter” service
  • with gromox-pffimport a high-performance import tool is available for the direct migration of PST files; gromox-pffimport supports PST, OST and PAB formats
  • with grammm-imapsync, a high-performance IMAP migration tool is available for direct migration from IMAP to IMAP
  • grammm now supports the collection of external e-mail accounts using fetchmail (integrated in grammm Admin UI)
  • grammm enables realtime viewing of logs via console and admin UI (with available endpoints in the grammm admin API)
  • With grammm-Support, the grammm appliance offers support for generating support packages for transmission to support
  • grammm Admin UI now shows the spam statistics in the dashboard
  • gromox has received numerous improvements in the area of IMAP
  • the resilience of grammm in combination with unstable LDAP / AD backend systems has been significantly improved
  • With the new quota mechanisms from grammm, send quotas are now also supported
  • The support of mobile devices in the grammm Admin UI has been greatly improved

In addition to these functions and further developments, countless other minor improvements have also been incorporated.
For example the update of existing grammm installations, which is very easy:

  • zypper ref (update package information)
  • zypper up (update of the system packages)
  • gromox-dbop -U (update of the database schema)
  • reboot or, alternatively, restart the services via the console or grammm Admin UI

(Reboot also enables the new Linux kernel to be activated)

We hope you enjoy the grammm Appliance 2021.02.2 !

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