grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1 released

18. May 2022 | News, Press release

grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1 released

grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1 is now available and offers a long list of new features, updates and bug fixes.
We have spared no efforts and added more features to make your work experience with grommunio even better. Wider range of set-up options, detailed documentation and much, much more. See for yourself!

Faster, Better, Stronger!

grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1

The Highlights of grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1


  • Support for Ubuntu 22.04, NetIQ eDirectory, 389 Directory Server, Multi-Forest Active Directory, IBM z15 (T02) mainframe
  • Multi-Server management with integrated placement policy engine, integrated in Admin API

Detailed instructions can be found in the Documentation.

grommunio Web

  • new maps plugin to locate your contacts by their addresses based on OSM
  • new S/MIME plugin handling signed and encrypted mails with multiple private keys
  • ability to set permissions recursively
  • performance optimizations for loading and search

grommunio Groupware

  • new migration tools for EML (rfc5322), iCalendar (ics) and vCard (vcf) import
  • several performance optimizations for IMAP, POP3 and especially searching in Outlook online mode

grommunio Files

  • deep integration into grommunio Web with multi-account management
  • sharing from grommunio Web as well as using the Files backend for attachment handling

grommunio Office

  • is now set up by grommunio-setup within the appliance
  • integrated into grommunio Web and grommunio Files with real-time collaboration editing on Office Documents

grommunio Archive

  • is now set up by grommunio-setup within the appliance
  • integrated into grommunio Web

A complete list of all new features and bug fixes in grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1 can be found in the Release Notes.
Detailed information on the new and improved features can be found under Office and Archive on our website.

Thanks to our fabulous customers, dedicated partners and extra ordinary community for all their input and inspiration.

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come shortly.