Release Notes 2022.05.1

Release Notes 2022.05.1

16. May 2022 | Release Notes

Release type: Major

The release notes highlight the major changes in grommunio Appliance 2022.05.1 – feel free to check out the detailed logs at GitHub.
The documentation covers the necessary steps for the update procedure.


  • Support for Ubuntu 22.04
  • Support for NetIQ eDirectory
  • Support for 389 Directory Server
  • Support for Multi-Forest Active Directory installations
  • Support for IBM z15 (T02) mainframe
  • API extensions to support store-level operations, e.g. setting store permissions and store properties
  • Automatic restore of connections for long-lived and/or error-prone connections (libexmdbpp)
  • Availability in OTC (Open Telekom Cloud) via T-Systems
  • Availability of grommunio Antispam web interface via grommunio Admin API
  • Enhancements to BSD and library compatibility (e.g. LibreSSL)
  • Integration of grommunio Office and grommunio Archive now also for appliance users (grommunio-setup)
  • Multi-Server management with integrated placement policy engine, integrated in Admin API
  • Several documentation upgrades, including Debian and Ubuntu
  • Several security-related enhancements and optimizations
  • Simplification of deployment architecture ultra-scalable container deployments (docker, kubernetes)
  • Switch to AF_LOCAL sockets eliminating TCP overhead for socket connections
  • User template defaults for user creation (via CLI and UI) for mass deployment

grommunio Groupware

  • Configuration parameters enabling enhanced analysis for professionals, e.g. imap_cmd_debug
  • Enhancements to service plugins and additional capabilities such as store cleanup (deleted items)
  • Extension of analytic tools, such as gromox-dscli for autodiscover connectivity analysis
  • Introduction of public folder read-state management flags
  • New migration tools for EML (rfc5322), iCalendar (ics) and vCard (vcf) import
  • Search enhancements, resulting in ~15-fold performance improvement with online search operations
  • Several enhancements to IMAP & POP daemons for more performance and stability
  • Several enhancements to existing migration tools (imapsync, kdb2mt, …), filtering and partially even repairing broken data and migrating permissions where possible from the source
  • Several optimizations to cached mode handling, also making use of alternative return of states
  • Upgrade to FTS5 search index
  • Upgrade-capability of user stores for further extensibility in feature set

grommunio Web

  • Allow setting recursive permissions by copying changes to lower hierarchy objects
  • Enhancements to multiple contactfolder scenarios with logical filters (contacts with e-mail addresses)
  • Integration of S/MIME management with support for multiple S/MIME keys and key management
  • Integration of grommunio Archive
  • Integration of grommunio Files with multiple account management
  • Integration of grommunio Office with realtime collaboration editing on Office Documents
  • Integration of online maps, based on OSM (OpenStreetMap), for contacts and global contacts
  • Performance optimizations, delivering with intermediary caches and large object size reduction, resulting in 4+-fold delivery speed to user
  • Several editor enhancements, e.g. extensive copy & paste compatiblity with office documents
  • Several style and compatibility enhancements, e.g. enhanced printing format and favorite folder handling
  • Support for multi-hierarchy-level search without performance penalties
  • Support for prefix-based search operations, e.g. “gro” -> “grommunio”
  • Translation updates, now including all modules of grommunio Web

grommunio Sync

  • Enhanced MIME (rfc822, rfc2822) and S/MIME support
  • Performance improvements with redis-based state management > 100 kops (thousand operations per second) per instance possible
  • Public folder sharing capabilities

grommunio Chat

  • Support for enhanced operations (delete)

grommunio Meet

  • Automatic disabling of media sharing when video sender limit reached
  • Dynamic rate limiting, automatic video stream prioritization
  • Integration of polls and polls management
  • Various bridge-related enhancements, especially with stream bridges
  • Various enhancements to breakout room management (notifications)

grommunio Archive

  • Automatic key generation, sphinx enhancements
  • Simplified installation via grommunio-setup

grommunio Office

  • Automatic font management/generation via system-installed fonts (ds-fontgen)
  • Simplified installation via grommunio-setup

Only available for customers/partner with privileged access (beta approval):


  • Preliminary Support for Red Hat Enterprise 9 (Stream, beta)
  • Preliminary Support for SUSE Liberty Linux

grommunio Meet

  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in for meeting management
  • Office/Meet-integration
  • Whiteboard-integration

grommunio Chat

  • Integration of Matrix (Homeserver+Element)

We would like to thank the community for their ongoing contributions to grommunio appliance 2022.05.1, but especially to:

  • Jens Schleusener, who has provided tools for spell checking via FOSSIES codespell.
  • Robert Nagy, who has provided various contributions to support OpenBSD.
  • Walter Hofstädtler, who has provided various contributions for automating imports from MS Exchange and Kopano.

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