Release Notes 2022.12.1

Release Notes 2022.12.1

23. December 2022 | Release Notes

Release type: Major

The release notes highlight the most important changes in grommunio 2022.12.1 – feel free to check out the detailed logs at GitHub.
The documentation covers the necessary steps for the update procedure.


  • grommunio Appliance now on openSUSE 15.4 with many improvements, such as PHP 8.0
  • General Availability of Multi-LDAP, worlds-first multi-backend groupware engine
  • General Availability of Admin API for PowerShell (AAPIPS), a PowerShell interface for grommunio Admin
  • General Availability of grommunio Desktop, a multi-platform client for grommunio Web
  • General Availability of grommunio Meet for Outlook, a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and grommunio Meet
  • General Availability of grommunio Auth, SSO availability with grommunio (based on Keycloak)
  • General Availability of native Dockerfiles and Kubernetes recipes for Gromox
  • High performance data compression with zStandard (zstd)
  • Public Folder synchronization for mobile devices
  • High-performance rewrite of Autodiscover and Autoconfig
  • High-performance rewrite of EWS (Exchange Web Services)
  • DNS-Name based OEM whitelabeling for custom branding


  • Availability of EAS 16.1 FIND command
  • Full user resolution for Kopano migrations (–mbox-name/–user-map)
  • Centralization of MAPI header files
  • grommunio CUI is now fully translated in 22 languages
  • Enhanced navivation controls of grommunio CUI
  • Support for hidden contacts
  • Automatic mapping of AD/Exchange Store Types (msExchRecipientDisplayType)
  • Centralized MAPI header files for PHP consumers
  • Default integration of grommunio-dbconf
  • Implementation of hierarchy and permission model (ACLs) for public folders in Admin
  • Mail-Queue mangement in grommunio Admin
  • Large documentation updates, launch of Knowledge Base in Documentation Portal

Contributions & Thanks

Thanks to customers partners and the entire community – the community for their ongoing contributions, especially to:

  • MrPikPik, tiredofit, maddin200, artem, steve, thermi, milo, Bheam, crpb, rnagy, walter and many others

Special thanks to Microsoft Corporation for the productive cooperation on standards and protocols and to T-Systems International.

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