Release Notes 2021.08.3

Release Notes 2021.08.3

8. February 2022 | Release Notes

Release type: Minor

The release notes for grommunio Appliance 2021.08.3 highlight the most important changes – detailed logs can be found in the repository on GitHub.
The documentation covers the necessary steps for the update procedure.


  • Support for Univention Corporate Server 5
  • Support for Red Hat Directory Server
  • Support for FreeIPA, incl. duplicate primary attributes
  • Support for Kong gateway
  • Support for APISIX gateway
  • Support for Kemp load balancer
  • Support for IBM Power10
  • Enhancements to haproxy scaling with support for 100k+ concurrent ingres connections
  • New index service for pre-indexing of web contents
  • Availability of submission service
  • Highest SSL/TLS standards according to QualysLabs A+ certification
  • Enhanced security/privacy by use of HSTS, CSP and HTTP Permissions-Policy
  • Advanced compression of HTTP(S)-enabled streams (Brotli)
  • Introduction of privilegeBits (Chat, Video, Files, Archive)
  • Mainstream availability of grommunio-archive (also to community)
  • Task management for asynchronous handling of tasks with longer duration (TasQ)
  • Thread-safe LDAP adaptor service (API)

grommunio Groupware

  • Full support for S/MIME and GPG via (Outlook) MAPI/HTTP, MAPI/RPC and other clients (IMAP/POP/SMTP)
  • Auto-attach of shared mailboxes via AutoDiscover/Web with full owner permissions
  • Language-independent folder migration mapping
  • Migration script for Exchange (online/on-premise) to grommunio
  • Hidden folder control with migrations
  • Enhanced support for multi-value variable-length property types
  • Support for language-based stores at creation time (mkprivate / mkpublic)

grommunio Web

  • Automatic addition of stores with full owner permissions (additional mailboxes)
  • Set Out of Office information for other users (with full permissions)
  • Enhancements to session & store management (Performance, Languages, …)
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange compatible ACLs and profiles (editor, author, …)
  • Enhance search result limit to 1000 results
  • Editor upgrade to TinyMCE 4.9.11 with preparation to Tiny 5+
  • Language updates (English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Danish, …)
  • Enhancements to user experience (style, compatbility, performance)
  • Fix missing font definition for new mails and inline comments
  • Fix Task requests with Outlook interoperability
  • Fingerprinting fixes (Firefox ESR)
  • Support for shallow MDM devices
  • W3C CSS 3 + SVG certification
  • Update dompurify (XSS protection)
  • Web application static resource delivery (payload reduction & performance) enhancements

grommunio Sync

  • Reduction of memory footprint per EAS device by 24%
  • Fixes/Enhancements based on static code analysis

grommunio Chat

  • Update to 6.2.1

Only available for customers/partner with privileged access (beta approval):


  • Support for IBM z15 (T02) mainframe
  • Preliminary Support for Ubuntu 22.04 (finished at Ubuntu’s release date)
  • Preliminary Support for SUSE Liberty Linux

grommunio Chat

  • Integration of Matrix (Homeserver+Element)

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