grommunio Releases Version 2023.11.3

15. February 2024 | News, Press release

grommunio Releases Version 2023.11.3

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing the email server landscape, grommunio proudly announces the launch of its latest version, 2023.11.3, marking a milestone in the domain of open-source communication platforms. This update heralds the full-scale integration of Exchange Web Services (EWS), now fully supported to run with Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Apple’s native organization apps, including Mail and Calendar. With this release, grommunio cements its position as the world’s first open-source EWS server, offering an unparalleled email and collaboration solution to businesses and individuals globally.

EWS: At the Heart of Collaboration

The highlight of version 2023.11.3 is the enhanced EWS compatibility, now exiting the beta stage and enabled by default. This advancement signifies a leap in interoperability with Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Apple’s ecosystem, facilitating a seamless and integrated experience for users across different device classes. The update ensures flawless synchronization and communication, fostering productivity and streamlined workflows.

Enhanced Security and Internationalization

Security and compliance receive a boost with updated S/MIME protocols for cross-device validation, ensuring secure and authenticated email exchanges. Additionally, the introduction of support for IDN (internationalized) domains in the Global Address Lists (GAL) broadens the accessibility of grommunio, making it a truly global platform that accommodates diverse linguistic and regional needs.

Improved Calendaring and Authentication

CalDAV’s newfound support for iCalendar’s free/busy information enhances scheduling and planning capabilities, while the integration of Passkey authentication with grommunio Auth introduces a cutting-edge, passwordless security feature, streamlining access without compromising on safety.

A Polished and User-Friendly Interface

grommunio Web has received a series of polishing fixes, building on the last major design upgrade to offer a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface. These improvements aim to enhance user engagement and satisfaction, making email management a more streamlined and visually appealing experience.

Comprehensive Documentation and New Technologies

Acknowledging the importance of support and guidance, grommunio has undertaken a major documentation overhaul, providing users with extensive updates and clear, concise information to maximize the platform’s benefits. The introduction of grommunio Next as a technology preview showcases our commitment to innovation, exploring new possibilities with the Graph API.

Feature-Rich and Future-Ready

The release is packed with new features and enhancements, including support for outgoing messages via postdrop, a new rule processor for Outlook-style public folders, and extensive updates for Debian/Ubuntu-based installations. Each update is designed to address specific user needs and industry standards, ensuring grommunio remains at the forefront of email server technology.

In Conclusion

grommunios version 2023.11.3 is more than an update; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, security, and user satisfaction. By introducing the world’s first open-source EWS server and a host of other features, we are setting new standards for what an email and collaboration platform can achieve. We invite users worldwide to experience the future of communication with grommunio 2023.11.3, where flexibility, security, and efficiency converge.

About Us

grommunio is a leading provider of open-source email and collaboration solutions, designed to offer businesses and individuals a secure, flexible, and powerful alternative to proprietary platforms. With a focus on innovation and user-centric features, grommunio is dedicated to transforming the way people communicate and collaborate, one update at a time.

Further details can be found in the Release Notes.