Release Notes 2023.11.3

Release Notes 2023.11.3

15. February 2024 | Release Notes

Release type: Minor

The release notes highlight the most important changes in grommunio 2023.11.3 – feel free to check out the detailed logs at GitHub.
The documentation covers the necessary steps for the update procedure.


  • EWS is now fully supported to run with Microsoft Outlook for Mac as well as Apple native organization apps (Mail, Calendar, …)
  • S/MIME received updates for validation across various device classes
  • IDN (internationalized) domains are now supported in GAL (Global Address Lists)
  • CalDAV now supports iCalender free/busy information
  • grommunio Web received polishing fixes since the last major design upgrade
  • Support for Passkey authentication with grommunio Auth
  • Documentation has received numerous updates, including a major documentation overhaul

New Features

  • EWS has left the beta stage and is now enabled by default (See notes)
  • The new rule processor (twostep_ruleproc) now supports Outlook-style public folders
  • grommunio now provides 389DS schema via a selector in grommunio Admin
  • Outgoing messages submission via postdrop is now supported
  • grommunio Next is now available as technology preview in the repositories (requires Graph API)


  • S/MIME related fixes to Web now enable multiple attachment download
  • Unintended double-quotes in mails are now dropped around RFC 2047-style encodings
  • Resolved a rare case where PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS had an extra byte
  • Resolved a case where four extra bytes where added in front of the first transport header
  • Semicolons in “Reply-To” headers are now handled correctly
  • Proper handling for log messages enabling better fail2ban processing
  • ICS requests can now be dumped for developer inspection
  • Extensive dependency updates for Debian/Ubuntu based installations
  • Various improvements to migration toolset
  • Various mail processing enhancements (e.g. dot-stuffing)

Notes on EWS

As mentioned above, with EWS leaving the beta stage, the paramete ews_beta = 1 in /etc/gromox/ews.cfg is now obsolete. EWS is now enabled per default and the parameter is not required anymore.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers, partners, and the community for their valuable input and feedback. Thanks to feedback from customers and the community, we have been able to track down EWS-related issues properly and have included the feedback in our evaluation process, leading to a better product for all.

We would especially like to thank the community for the overwhelming feedback, especially at FOSDEM.

Last remarks

The development, QA, and release teams, apologize that our public communication has been occasionally delayed. We’ve been very busy not only delivering a better product to you with a plethora of fixes and new features but also integrating new resources into the entire organization and infrastructure. It’s amazing how many installations have hit production in the holiday season which required additional prioritization. Rest assured, there’s big news coming up from grommunio, and you’ll notice it.

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