Release Notes 2023.11.2

Release Notes 2023.11.2

28. December 2023 | Release Notes

Release type: Minor

The release notes highlight the most important changes in grommunio 2023.11.2 – feel free to check out the detailed logs at GitHub.
The documentation covers the necessary steps for the update procedure.


  • The appliance now ships with XFS as the default main filesystem
  • IMAP performance has improved overall by a factor of 2 or more (SELECT/LIST/FETCH seqid renumbering removal)
  • IMAP compatibility has significantly improved by handling EXPUNGE and STATUS commands properly
  • Windows Mail now also works as an EAS client
  • Enable Room and Equipment stores for AutoDiscover with Delegation (Shared Store)
  • Enhanced search folder notifications (more improvements to come)


  • IMAP now receives deletion events from other clients (OL/Web/EAS/EWS)
  • gromox-mbop now supports time specifications to limit the deletion of messages of a certain age
  • All daemons have received various config directives for file descriptor limits, with 512K instead of 2256 in systemd environments
  • Support for XFS snapshots


  • Enable gromox-mbop path specifications, such as SENT/2024
  • RTF compressed MAPI properties now generate a complete header
  • Free busy information is now more resilient to non-existing data (no information available)
  • The basic authentication header is now fully RFC 7617 compliant
  • The name service provider (NSP) now fully supports the Windows UTF-8 locale (Beta feature by Microsoft)
  • Improved calendar item coverage for EWS
  • Enhanced EWS CreateItem for Apple Mac Mail
  • Repair Property ID/Tag swapping with TNEF objects
  • Enhancements to ICS now reduce the number of sync issues due to broken items (imported e.g. from defective Kopano datasets)
  • Better processing for calendar appointments (RDATE, Weekorder), displaying correct all-day events from broken sources as per OXCICAL spec recommendations
  • Heap-use-after-free fix for free/busy requests in EWS
  • Multi-LDAP has received robustness fixes for special cases (such as 389DS)
  • Various fixes to free busy handling (related to scheduling)

As the number of contributors continues to grow with each release, we have decided not to create a hand-curated list and instead ask anyone interested to visit our Git repositories and see the evolving community for themselves. Rest assured that grommunio thanks all its stakeholders: customers, partners and the community alike.

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