Stay compatible with grommunio

21. September 2022 | Blog

Stay compatible with grommunio

Microsoft is pushing its customers into the cloud, including by forcing them to use newer versions of client software that are still officially supported by the vendor. Not every admin is happy about the push towards corporate cloud MS 365, but many users are stuck with Outlook, sometimes even older versions. This is the time to test grommunio – the best open source exchange replacement on the market.

Stay compatible - Change

This summer, Microsoft announced that its Office 2016 through 2019 versions would no longer be able to access the Microsoft 365 cloud. With support for Office 2013 ending in April 2023, only the latest versions will be allowed to connect – as Microsoft’s Jeremy Chapman pointed out in this blog post:

“Importantly, Office 2016 & 2019 won’t be supported for connecting to Microsoft 365 services, including Exchange Online, starting Oct 2023. And Security updates for Office 2013 will end in April 2023. Don’t wait until the last minute – now is a great time to upgrade.”

Jeremy Chapman, Microsoft

Since even the vendor is encouraging customers to start migrating early, now is a good time to think about breaking chains and moving to an open source and independent collaboration suite. grommunio not only supports all of the Outlook and Office versions mentioned above, but also offers numerous enhancements, benefits and a much broader feature set than your current groupware.

grommunio not only frees you from a vendor’s cloud strategy, you can also install it anywhere, on-premises, in your cloud, in your data center, always transparent and compliant with European data protection standards. By the way, the numerous features should be mentioned – from file sync to video conferences, enterprise chat and much more.

Download it here, check out more facts on the website, join the discussion in the grommunio community, or dive in deeper in all details of the logs at the GitHub-repository.